Leader on the North-West market of purchase and processing of scrap metal

About the company

Hetek today is five manufacturing sites in the North-West region, 25 units of special transport to carry scrap, 14 units of loading machinery made by Liebherr.

Hetek’s plant uses a shredding installation made by German firm Metso to process scrap, it has approach railways, a pool of transportation and reloading vehicles, an electronic scale. This allows matters of scrap collection, transportation, unloading and acceptance of scrap to be promptly solved. The plant’s site can accept for unloading ten railway cars at the same time.


Fragmented scrap
a piece of thin-walled metal scrap with dimensions not exceeding 20×20×20 cm. Bulk density up to 1.2 tons/m3
Lump scrap
3A (HMS 1, HMS 2) — upwards of 4−8 mm thick, dimensions not exceeding 1500×500×500 mm
tons of metal scrap
has been processed over
the company’s operation

Principal buyers

  • Izhorskiye Zavody
    Saint Petersburg

  • Petrostal
    (Kirov plant)

    Saint Petersburg

  • Severstal

  • Byelorussian Steel Works
    Zhlobin, Republic of Belarus

Hetek in figures

Fixed asset
18,000,000 €
Raw material
processing throughput
25,000 tons/month
Sales volume
300,000 tons/year
The enterprises of the group
120 persons

Hetek history milestones

For the first time in Russia Hetek assembled and put into operation a modern metal scrap processing complex with the throughput of 100,000 tons per year. Its basis is a shredding installation Shredder ZZ175×260 made by Metso Lindemann. A magnetic separation system, an exhaust ventilation system and that of a separator made by STEINERT used in the line assure high quality of scrap cleaning of admixtures of rust and non-ferrous metals.

The area of the main production site increased to 3.2 Ha.
Shearing press ЕС-825 made by Metso Lindemann put into operation.
The company’s founders invested around 5 mln euros in purchasing a new, more up-to-date and powerful shredder Zerdirator ZZ 225×260 made by Metso Lindemann with the throughput 180,000 tons per year, which was assembled in Saint Petersburg

A federal vehicle scrappage program started.
Large projects for supply of the products by sea in containers implemented.
Own platform in a port provides for shipments of scrap to be exported in bulk, using vessels up to 20,000 tons.

Hetek today